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Advisor Marketing with Christmas Cards

In this short video, Richard Emmons explains how sending holiday cards to your clients and prospects can keep your existing clients happy and help you stand out from your competitors. You’ll also learn what to do if you’ve run out of time and it’s too late to send out Christmas cards. httpv://

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Marketing Success with “Free” Products

In this short video, I review Chris Anderson’s new book: “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.” Author Chris Anderson makes the case that businesses can often raise profits by giving away quality content. Financial advisors and other professionals can atract quality prospects by giving away valuable content to qualified prospects. This can be through […]

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Advisor Marketing Mindset and Ice Storms

We live in the mountains of Southern Oregon about 7 miles north of our town, Grants Pass. There are generally 5 or 10 days a year when we wished we had 4 wheel drive. Friday night was one of them. Ice storms during the week had caused thousands of homes to be without power. We’d […]

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Finding More Time for Marketing – Part 3

In “Finding More Time for Marketing – Part 2,” we looked at ways to cut your time spent on administrative activities. Now we’ll look at a few ways to free up time for marketing by cutting down time you spend on “Operations” which you know better as production activities. Becoming more efficient on the production […]

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“The One Page Business Plan” for Financial Advisors

“The Cobbler’s son has no shoes.” ~anonymous

This famous quote speaks about the successful Cobbler makes shoes for everyone in the village except his own children. Sound like anyone you know? Perhaps the CPA files hundreds of tax returns by April 15th but never his own. Or the Gardener who forgets to water his lawn in the middle of summer.

Many advisors prepare retirement plans, estate plans, and business succession plans for others yet never sit down and prepare a business plan for their own practice. Sound like you?

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Magic Bullet Marketing?

You’re an independent financial advisor. You want to expand your practice. Should you get going today and “just do it”?

For most advisors, the answer is “No.” Why is this?

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