7 Ways To Write a Great Headline

When you write great headlines, you improve the results of every advertisement, flyer, invitation, press release, client letter, and email you write. Remember that 73% of the buying decision is made at the point of the headline. And “buying” can mean opening the email message, listening to the rest of the TV or radio ad, reading the rest of the newspaper advertisement, buying the product or registering for a community seminar. So let’s spend some time looking at proven ways to create great headlines.

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How To Write an Effective Advertisement

Over the years, successful writers have developed copywriting formulas which produce effective ads, TV commercials, and sales letters. I first learned about the “AIDA” formula in 1989 from marketing expert, Jay Abraham. You begin the process of creating an effective ad by thinking of one of your best clients, a wealthy widow by the name of Sally Jones….

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How To Get More Bang For Your Advertising Buck

An advertisement costs the same whether it brings in 1 call per day or 10 calls per day. So improve your ads and you’ll get more calls without spending an extra dime on advertising. Let’s define the two major types of advertising: General (or image) advertising and direct response advertising…

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How To Put Your USP To Work

Once you’ve created your USP or “unique selling proposition,” you need to put your USP to work so your clients and prospects will know what makes you different and why they should do business with you. Your goal is to put your USP everywhere a client or prospect comes in contact with you.

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Kickstart Your Marketing With a “USP” and Set Yourself Apart

Every advisor (and business) should have a “USP” which stands for “unique selling proposition.” Without a USP your advertising will have a plain vanilla, me-to appearance which won’t lead people to take action. When you have a good USP and deploy it in your advertising and marketing materials, you’ll attract more clients like you want. You’ll also keep away folks who aren’t your targeted clientele.

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Should Ben Bernanke Join Toastmasters?

Yes, absolutely! For 90 years, Toastmasters has helped people become more effective public speakers and leaders from all walks of life. Even former Chairmen of the Federal Reserve System. Ben is off to a good start in his new career as a former Fed Chairman. This week Reuters reported that Ben earned a cool quarter…

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What You Can Learn from JFK About Public Speaking

I don’t know of anyone who was born a great public speaker. In fact, most people can’t put two words together when they’re born. President John F. Kennedy was no different. He learned how to be a memorable public speaker. Read this article by copywriter and author John Forde and you’ll improve your public speaking as well.

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Rethinking College: The Rise of College Graduate Underemployment

Anyone considering going to college needs to understand that a college degree is no guarantee of a better financial future. College costs way more than ever before and the job prospects have never been worse. Here is some sobering news from that’s worth considering:

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living trust seminars

Should Your iTunes Library Go In a Trust?

Ever wondered who will inherit your digital library? Unless the laws are changed, your MP3s and e-books may go to the grave with you. Today MarketWatch reported on this growing problem and offered a couple of solutions. Many of us will accumulate vast libraries of digital books and music over the course of our lifetimes.…

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Zsa Zsa Gabor Never Said, “Dahling Husband, Let’s Get a Living Trust”

A living trust would have avoided conservatorship and kept this sad tale out of the public eye. Let’s hope Zsa Zsa gets a living trust set up so she can avoid a probate when she dies. This will keep her financial situation private and help her minimize estate taxes.

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