Chamber of Commerce

I founded Reality Marketing LLC in 2006 and immediately joined my local chamber of commerce in Grants Pass, Oregon.  I got some new business as a result but not a lot. It was my fault because I didn't know what to do and didn't ask anyone for help. My limited results reflected my limited involvement.

A few years later I began representing a major client and our local gospel rescue mission at chamber. My participation increased dramatically. People got to know me and my business and influence grew. What a difference. Chamber was fun and worthwhile.

In 2014, I was recognized as the "Man of the Year" at our local chamber's annual awards banquet. What an honor.

Chapter 20 of Marketing Survival Guide covers how to "Get Noticed Without Advertising." I wrote "joining your local chamber of commerce gives you the most networking bang for your marketing buck. This tactic is especially helpful for very small companies with very small marketing budgets." I told "what to do" but "how to do it" would be in my next book.

Grants Pass Chamber logo

Chamber Advantage

In 2020, I wrote Chamber Advantage to help local business owners get the most out of their chamber membership. The book is written for brand new chambers members but contains many advanced techniques for long-time chamber members. 

For hundreds of years, Chambers of Commerce have helped local businesses survive, thrive, and prosper through good times and bad. By following the simple steps in this little book, your business will survive and thrive now and in the years ahead.

The book cover how to get known by chamber staff, how to create your chamber directory profile, how to introduce yourself and your business at networking events, how to advertise your business to chamber members, how to sell to chamber members witout being annoying, and more.

Chamber Professionals

I did a lot of research writing Chamber Advantage. I wanted the book to reflect chamber life everywhere not just in Grants Pass, Oregon. I also wanted to know what percentage of local businesses join their local chamber. I could not find any research in this area so I did my own.

I studied 12 business categories in 60 chambers across the United States. The overall results showed less than 10% of businesses studied had joined their local chamber. Yet many cities were above and below this average.  Some businesses categories have very low membership while others had very high membership rates. In August 2020, I completed the Chamber of Commerce Membership Study 2020. You can get a copy of it at

I have developed membership growth programs for chambers of commerce. I invite chamber CEOs and marketing staff members to email me for more information. 

I am available for one-hour consults for $300. You can invest one bronze-level chamber membership fee and learn how to attract 10x more to your chamber. You can click here to learn more and schedule a time with me.