I wrote Marketing Survival Guide for two main reasons. First, many small businesses cannot afford to hire a marketing consultant to grow their business with better market positioning, more effective ads, and staying in contact with past customers so they keep buying. These businesses can use this book to be their own marketing consultant.

Second, I only work with clients who have my book Marketing Survival Guide. I want them to have a basic understanding of marketing strategies and effective advertising. In my experience, clients who lack this understanding often fail to implement my marketing programs. No implementation means no results. Not fun for anyone.

With my smaller business clients, I offer them my expert advice and then implement my marketing strategies. I do all the work and charge them accordingly. With larger clients, I do some of the work, and they or a staff member do the rest. We act as a team.

In 2023, my main focus will be helping people launch a community newspaper in their local area. I am the Publisher and Editor of the Josephine County Eagle. We publish the print edition six times per year which leaves time to help others do the same thing.

For this video ad, I wrote the script, helped select the voice talent, and critiqued the video. Another company did the filming and video editing. The final result is excellent and reflects a strong team effort. The call-to-action went to a website I created for this project. 

For major marketing projects, I am booked out for the remainder of 2022. Send me an email if you want to be added to the waiting list. I am available for one-hour consults for $300. You can click here to learn more and schedule a time with me.