Copywriting ​Services

As part of the marketing consulting process, Richard writes the "copy" or sales message which appears in his clients' brochures, website, sales letters, and other marketing materials.

Copywriting has been defined as "salesmanship in print." The goal of powerful, persuasive copywriting is to get people to "take action." This can include buying a product or service, attending a seminar, or referring friends to a favorite business.

Schedule permitting, Richard takes on new copywriting clients who do not want a complete "marketing makeover." If you just want Richard to write the copy for a new advertisement, brochure, website, sales letter, etc. then contact Richard for information regarding his copywriting services.

Past copywriting projects have included:

  • Sales Letters
  • Display ads for newspapers, magazines and Yellow Pages
  • Websites
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Client newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Marketing White Papers
  • Help wanted ads
  • Fundraising letters
  • TV and radio commercial scripts

He can also help you rent a mailing list so you can target your prospecting at the "better buyers" in your market.

Once the copywriting process is complete, Richard's graphic designer will give your marketing piece that finished look which really helps your offer get attention.

Contact Richard to get more information about his copywriting services.