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Here are some marketing tools to help you get things going

I created these tools to save you time, remove obstacles, and make it easier to implement what you learn in the book. The faster you apply proven marketing strategies in your business, the faster you'll double your business. 

  • Action Step Checklist. Track your progress using this list of action steps.
  • 3 Factor Growth Worksheet. This Excel worksheet lets you calculate your sales growth using various growth factor assumptions. You can also calculate how reducing your client attrition rate will boost your growth rate.
  • USP Worksheets. All the questions in the book plus a script to use when calling clients.
  • Elevator Pitch. Both the short and long elevator pitch formulas.
  • Logo Design Tools. You'll have a lot of fun with these online logo design tools.
  • Ad Templates. Ad structures discussed in the book. Use this to start creating ad components such as headline, offers, and calls to action.
  • Classic Ads Collection. Proven ads to study and get ideas from for your advertisements.
  • Marketing Planner. Use this worksheet to plan how and how often to stay connected with your clients.

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