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Advisor Marketing By Writing Articles In Your Local Newspaper

You build a lot of credibility writing articles for local publications. Many publications are hungry for quality content that their readers will read. When you have this opportunity, you get chance to get in front of hundreds or even thousands of qualified prospects. You demonstrate your expertise and build credibility over time. Plus people can get to know you over time as you blend in personal stories which bring investment and economic principles to life.

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Free Publicity Case Study: Volcano Helps Apple’s iPad

Apple’s new iPad got millions of dollars in free publicity yesterday when the New York Daily News reported that the Prime Minister of Norway was running his government with his iPad. Likes thousands of people, he was stuck in a New York airport because the Icelandic volcanic ash made travel to Europe impossible.

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Getting Free Publicity with Press Releases

Financial advisors, like any other business, have two ways to get noticed in newspapers, radio and television. Paid and unpaid. You pay for display ads and TV commercials. How do you get free publicity? By submitting press releases which talk about your company and it’s products and services.

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