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Should Ben Bernanke Join Toastmasters?

Yes, absolutely! For 90 years, Toastmasters has helped people become more effective public speakers and leaders from all walks of life. Even former Chairmen of the Federal Reserve System. Ben is off to a good start in his new career as a former Fed Chairman. This week Reuters reported that Ben earned a cool quarter […]

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What You Can Learn from JFK About Public Speaking

I don’t know of anyone who was born a great public speaker. In fact, most people can’t put two words together when they’re born. President John F. Kennedy was no different. He learned how to be a memorable public speaker. Read this article by copywriter and author John Forde and you’ll improve your public speaking as well.

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Don’t Let a Heart Attack Stop Your Seminar!

Audience interaction keeps your living trust seminars interesting and lively. You never want to be the only one doing ali the talking. Yet this story pushes things to an extreme when a man had a heart attack during a lecture on heart disease.

Yet this story pushes things to an extreme.

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Should You Tell Jokes at Marketing Seminars?

financial advisor marketing

Should financial advisors tell jokes during your marketing seminars? This can be a risky venture. You want to be LIKED and TRUSTED by your seminar attendees so they will take the leap and schedule a first meeting. If your jokes aren’t funny you risk being liked. If your jokes are deemed offensive, you definitely won’t be liked.

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Speaking At Local Events and Clubs

Another great way to get noticed in your community is to volunteer to speak at community clubs, schools, and other events. Every community has Rotary club meetings, square dance clubs, local colleges, seniors groups and retirement homes. You can find potential clients at these events and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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Event Check Off List for Seminar Success

You’ll be more relaxed and do a better seminar when you use a check off list for your event. Before your event, make a list of everything you’ll need for your event. During your event, jot down items you wish you had so you’ll remember to bring them the next time. After the event, update your list so you’ll be a bit better prepared the next time.

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