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Seminar Success By Reading Your Audience

Richard Emmons discusses the importance of “reading your audience” to know when someone doesn’t “get it” so you can explain the concept again. Anyone left behind in the presentation is much less likely to sign up for a first appointment.

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When To Feed Your Seminar Attendees

Should you hold lunch seminars or dinner seminars? Should you feed them before your presentation? Or “hold them hostage” and feed them after your presentation? The offer of a free meal attracts folks to your seminars. The delivery of a good meal keeps them happy at the presentation and impacts your goal: getting them to sign up for an first appointment.

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Advisor Marketing: 3 Keys to Seminar Success

Richard Emmons tells financial advisors how to expand their practices with successful community seminars. The 3 keys to successful seminars are fill the room with attendees, fill attendees with great information, and get attendees to take the next step. For more seminar marketing ideas go to

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