Richard Emmons Interviewed About Living Trust Seminars

This past Tax Day, I was interviewed by Jobie Summer, CFP® of Resources For Advisors about the Family Living Trust Seminar system. Her questions included:

  • Why are Family Living Trust Seminars so important for our listeners to achieve greater success?
  • Why did you create the Family Living Trust Seminar system?
  • How do advisors typically get started with Living Trust Seminars on a step by step basis?
  • Why do you need to “coach” the estate planning attorney?
  • What if any of our advisors got started today with Family Living Trust Seminars what would their life look like in say, 30 days? 90 days? 1 year?
  • What are the specific roadblocks that typically prevent advisors from getting started?
  • What are the specific strategies that are like keys to unlock “roadblock doors” to achieve wild success?
  • What’s the first action step you’d want an advisor to take to get started with Family Living Trust Seminars?

You can listen to the interview by going to the Family Living Trust Seminar website.