Repeal ObamaCare With Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries

You can raise your company’s profits by increasing your revenues and by decreasing your overhead expenses. Healthcare insurance premiums have skyrocketed over the past 8 years since the passage of the misnamed Affordable Care Act. Thankfully, the ObamaCare Senate bill included an exemption for health care sharing ministries. This was the bill signed into law and we live under today.

Traditional health insurance you pay premiums to insurance companies who send checks to doctors, hospitals and drug companies. Most policies today have high premiums and high deductibles which result in families spending $15,000 or more annually before getting any money paid to them for healthcare expenses.

Christian health care sharing ministries function very differently from health insurance. Members must meet membership requirements, there are pre-existing condition exclusions, and members may not consume illegal drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol. Members are cash patients who pay for medical expenses out-of-pocket. Members do not make insurance “claims” but rather submit “requests” which are paid directly from one member to another member.

This is a “peer-to-peer” model whereby families pay substantially less than they would with a traditional insurance policy. I have saved over $100,000 in insurance premiums over the past ten years. Let me describe how it works.

I left corporate America in 2005 when I helped sell my company to another firm in our industry. I went on COBRA and began paying $800 per month for a policy with a $5000 deductible. This meant we needed $15,000 in annual medical expenses before we would receive any benefit. We paid this for a year before going back to Samaritan Ministries which we used for 1998 and 1999. Our monthly outlay for our family of six fell to just $350 per month. Each month we would receive the Samaritan Ministries newsletter which included the name and address of the family who needed our help. My wife would send a check with a note of encouragement directly to the family in need. Ten years later, my family of three now pays less than $550 per month for our plan. Such a deal.

What about the deductible? Under our last health insurance policy we had a $5000 deductible and $20 office co-pay. With Samaritan Ministries, we covered the first $300 of any health matter. Anything above $300 could be submitted as a health care “request.” These requests are sent to one or more families who pay their share of the expense.

One time I slid off my metal roof and cut my fingers on the way down. I went to the doctor and got 12 stitches. Because it was under $300 we simply paid for it and that was the end of it. No “request” was made because of the low amount. I asked for and received a small cash discount because the urgent care center did not have to submit a claim to an insurance company. A win-win deal for everyone involved.

Will Congress finally repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act? Who knows. Now you know you have an alternative. I encourage you to start learning about health care sharing ministries today. If you qualify you can avoid high health insurance premiums and the ObamaCare penalties. You can learn more by reading this article on Wikipedia.

If you choose to go with Samaritan Ministries, please tell them Richard Emmons sent you. I will receive a small finders fee which Samaritan Ministries gladly pays for this word-of-mouth advertising.