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Not Just Estate Tax Expiring at Year End

[Richard: The debate over healthcare reform has sucked all the air out of Washington DC. Not just the hot air…the result has been over 50 tax breaks for business and individuals will now expire on December 31st. Get ready for lots of questions from your clients.] Congress Lets 50 Tax Breaks Expire Ashlea Ebeling, […]

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Advisor Marketing with Christmas Cards

In this short video, Richard Emmons explains how sending holiday cards to your clients and prospects can keep your existing clients happy and help you stand out from your competitors. You’ll also learn what to do if you’ve run out of time and it’s too late to send out Christmas cards. httpv://

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Learning From Harvard’s Investment Mistakes

Article: Harvard Swaps Are So Toxic Even Summers Won’t Explain Financial advisors can learn a lot about what “not to do” by studying this article on Bloomberg today. I’ll summarize what happened and then provide some commentary along with some choice quotes. Harvard planned a major campus expansion and wanted to lock in low interest […]

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Marketing Success with “Free” Products

In this short video, I review Chris Anderson’s new book: “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.” Author Chris Anderson makes the case that businesses can often raise profits by giving away quality content. Financial advisors and other professionals can atract quality prospects by giving away valuable content to qualified prospects. This can be through […]

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Advisor Productivity Tool: Dragon Dictate for the iPhone

I written before about how you can move toward a paperless office by dictating your client meeting notes. Why write down some chicken scratch manual notes when you can speak for several minutes and get an email of transcribed notes? One reason has been cost. Some dictation services cost $50 to $80 per month and […]

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Advisor Marketing Mindset and Ice Storms

We live in the mountains of Southern Oregon about 7 miles north of our town, Grants Pass. There are generally 5 or 10 days a year when we wished we had 4 wheel drive. Friday night was one of them. Ice storms during the week had caused thousands of homes to be without power. We’d […]

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Finding More Time for Marketing – Part 3

In “Finding More Time for Marketing – Part 2,” we looked at ways to cut your time spent on administrative activities. Now we’ll look at a few ways to free up time for marketing by cutting down time you spend on “Operations” which you know better as production activities. Becoming more efficient on the production […]

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Autopilot Computer Backup

When I got my first laptop computer back in 1994, I’d didn’t get it without a fight. Not with my wife…my boss. I’d previously convinced the president that the salesmen needed laptops. Now I wanted one. Joe was adamant that I didn’t need one and they cost way too much. So I kept pushing…. Joe […]

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7 Ways to “Say it” and Not “Type it”

I have a client who is a painfully slow hunt and peck typist. And his handwriting isn’t any better. Yet he is a clear thinker and speaker. Let me share how he reduced his typing time by over 50%. He used to take handwritten notes during client meetings and then type them into Act! before […]

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